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Delivered by Etta Bollinger

Peter Wells Lecture

Saturday Feburary 17, 2024 • 5.15 - 6.15pm
Ellen Melville Centre, 2 Freyberg Place


Each year, Samesame But Different ask an LGBTQIA+ author to deliver a lecture which explores queer life and queer writing in Aotearoa. Named in memory of the festival’s late founder, writer and activist Peter Wells, the lecture is a ‘provocation’ - designed to challenge and  inspire. The 2024 lecture will be delivered by Etta Bollinger.

Etta Bollinger's lecture will be supported by a live NZSL interpreter.

Free to attend, no reservation required.

This event is part of the 2024 Auckland Pride Festival. Find out more here.

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Black Background

Etta is a queer-nonbinary-disabled writer working in a number of forms, in between and across these identities. In 2023 they released Articulations - a collection creative nonfiction essays bringing their personal experience of being in the world, of community, of joy and resistance to life on the page. What only made the book in one brief line was that they are also descended from German-Jewish refugees. 


Etta has been researching the history of their great-great uncle Arthur Kronfeld who, alongside his better-known colleague Mangnus Hirschfeld, was one of the founding physicians of the Institute of Sexual Sciences. Before it was destroyed and became a target for book burnings the Institute was known by some as “the middle of Berlin” and a haven for queer and trans people albeit within a medical model of understanding.


In Articulations, Etta was writing against the assumption that as queer-non-binary-disabled people we are expected to explain ourselves to anyone who asks. In this lecture Etta will be exploring their personal connection to a period where so much knowledge was lost – it will be a process of writing into gaps and absences. They will explore what it means to write about this genealogical connection to queer history as a queer, non-binary person. In particular, what this means when queer ways of building family are often non-biological and also while watching a global, political move to the right in which trans people particularly are being targeted. They will explore the questions that emerge through this process and suggest that resilience is an uncomfortable word to describe their own individual life in between identities but might be useful in exploring queerness and family over a century. 

Etta Bollinger

Photo by Roxy Coervers

They / Them

Henrietta (Etta) Bollinger is a writer and disability rights advocate. Etta has had poems appear in Starling, Mimicry and Scum magazines and plays staged in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Their first book Articulations is a collection of essays about their experiences as a disabled queer person and a twin. It was published September 2023 by Tender Press.

Ellen Melville Centre

2 Freyberg Place, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1000


Ellen Melville Centre is in Freyberg Square, opposite the rainbow staircase in central Auckland. This event will be held on the first floor of the venue, in the Pioneer Women's Hall. The hall is wheelchair friendly, via an elevator, and has an accessible toilet.

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